A Touch of Experience

Wine travel

Experience it in Northern Macedonia! You will travel to...

In this age of experiential and photo-driven travel, more and more travelers are looking for the unexpected and hoping to find unique wine experiences, just a little bit different than what most wine tours offer. Here at Fortivin, we are unique with our winery and wine region tours, which go far beyond the average tours.
We share unknown wine routes with you in a place where people move at a natural pace and life is still in balance with nature. Our experience packages are dedicated to the culture of Northern Macedonia wine and its many different aspects. We go offroad to explore life as it was, all in good company, good food and good wine. We are artisans of the good life and we believe that good things are even better when shared with those we love. Heartwarming food in abundance, combined with the fruit of our vines in a setting that inspires, impresses and embraces everyone. We promise tastings and outings to remember.