A Touch of High Volume

What can Fortivin do in this traject?

Fortivin supplies bulk wine to small, medium and large sized domestic and international customers, offering a range of wine styles and varieties from key wine growing regions across North Macedonia.

Fortivin supplies bulk for the customer to finish and blend through to tailoring a wine to suit specific specifications, style and quality.

Q and A about Bulk Wine



Can I pick up my bulk order?

Yes. We can also help arrange transportation.

Is there a minimum for bulk orders?

Yes, 18,000 liters at a minimum.

In what quantities does Fortivin deliver its wines?

We offer tanker with a capacity maximum per loads of 20,000 liters.

Can I use my own container for bulk purchases?

Yes. Containers must be clean and ready to fill,100% sealable and at least 1,000 L in size. We do not fill plastic drums or barrels. Additional charges apply if cleaning is required.

Do you offer an analysis of my wine?

Yes. Please contact us for a complete list of analysis and pricing.