VVM Goce Delchev Tikvesh Winery

Winery VVM GD Tikves currently produces 9.2 million litres of wine, with the intention of expanding its capacity to 12 million litres in the next three years! 95% of the entire production is bulk wine for export, and the other 5% is bottled wine in various wine lines. And that last 5% caught our attention during the tasting.
The winery uses a wide-range of grape varieties from its own vineyards. This offers the possibility to control the quality of the grape and also to choose the right location of origin of the grape. They have the advantage of combining not only different locations and varieties, but also the complexity of the age of the vines and the microclimate. You can imagine everything as a customer, or they’ll make it.

You want a blend? No problem! Do you want private labels? We’ll make it for you! How you want it, you can get it. This company goes very far in the customer’s wishes.

Our experience

Mile’s father went into his work clothes among the other hard-working men and therefore did not stand out. We had shook hands with him, not knowing that it was the founder of this multinational, macedonia’s largest winemaker. He has given the right genes to his son Mile, “It is a typical example of action instead of talking”. Hard work and don’t fail.
Virgo winery has 900 hectares of wine grapes from the most common grape varieties we know. To understand how much that is, you have to enjoy the view where we ended up in this story a little later. That’ll make your mouth fall open.
Walking around the winery with an industrial feel you find out how to process all these grapes. This is only possible if there is a great thought. And great thinking got Mile from his father. A large part of the already impressive factory will be expanded by 2022 in order to realize 3 million extra litres per year. The building is not finished yet, but there will be a tasting room, a terrace at altitude in the middle of the factory where guests get a nice view of all the wine tanks and the wine production. It is currently just as difficult to get a representation of this because the pigeons have free access due to the now still open construction of the extension. The intended luxurious terrace is now a terrace full of pigeon shit…

The size is especially impressive, not the industrial-looking factory with ditto office space. But this promises to come.
But on the way to the vineyards of Virgo in the spacious 4 wheel driven Mercedes GL class slowly dawned on us how big these vineyards are. The ride was amazing, full throttle through the mountain ranges, what is Macedonia beautiful! Suddenly the paved road was replaced for a sandy mountain road that put the suspension of the car to the test. From the point where we eventually enjoyed breathtaking views we were already impressed by about 350 acres. So this was only a third of the total they own. Wherever we looked, up to the mountain range at the end of our sight, we saw the vineyards.
Mile- a modestly nice young guy – has an appearance where you can think the next; a friendly-looking stuffed bear who doesn’t hurt a fly; and a fearless bouncer at a dance club who doesn’t hesitate to punch you out the door with few words if you’re not behaving.
When we came back to Kavardarci at high speed and enjoyed a delicious afternoon meal at a restaurant serving the wines of Virgo, he also turned out to be a nice guy. He knows what enjoyment is and doesn’t care about time.
The table was almost too small for all the delicious Macedonian specialties! From delicious cheeses, stuffed vegetables, grilled fish to tomatoes with onions and braised mushrooms, a bowl with various grilled meats, grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, delicious sauces and various types of bread. It’s not fun anymore! I don’t want to go home!
His wines have a striking label, colourful and distinctive, for a young audience. The wines are all in a price/quality ratio. Reliable wines and value for the money.

We first enjoyed Temjanika, a common white grape from the Balkans.. The crystal clear, pale yellow colour of this wine is a delight to the eye and, together with the aromas of white lilies, honey, honeycomb and a touch of basil, creates a very inviting character. Because of these “sweet” aromas, the dry taste experience is a real surprise with its particularly pleasant freshness and very light, pleasant bitters. Two aspects of the taste palette that also persist in the aftertaste.
Furthermore, we drank a Traminer with a typical aroma of cloves and roses. We also enjoyed the Macedonian Chardonnay,een wine with a specific aroma of tropical fruit and citrus in the nose. The ripe apple flavour with the citrus background gives this wine a light, fresh, harmonious and long-lasting taste with a pleasant aftertaste.
When we arrived at the red wines, the above-mentioned grilled meats appeared with a kind of deliciously spiced chopped meat topped with a type of cheese. What a delicious taste!

The red wine, a pleasant Cabernet Franc with striking blue label, does well with grilled meat. But the Syrah with the red label even better! Dark purple in color, with aromas of black plums and blueberry pie, seasoned with notes of black pepper and thyme. Excellent balance and complexity with elegant tannins. Well, then just have another glass!

The dessert was a fairy tale; a chocolate cake with a deliciously soft vanilla- sauce, I don’t know where to look if a delicious rosé is also served! When we awoke a few hours later from all this wonderful enjoyment we realized that time had stood still inside the restaurant, but not outside where ordinary life was going on. And that’s enjoyment. Timeless enjoyment.