Lazar Winery

Lazar Winery from Negotino was founded in 2001 as a small family business by Lazar Ristov. The family has been a grape producer for 4 generations, but the grape production was sold to other wineries. After finishing his training, Lazar decided to start his career as a winemaker with his own family business. Lazar Winery produces about 50,000 bottles of wine per year and these are sold on the domestic market and exported to Danemark, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Singapore. The B&B opens in May 2020 and has 7 double rooms, an indoor restaurant with 50 seats, an outdoor restaurant with 60 seats. One of the best wineries in northern Macedonia.

Our experience

Lazar Winery, a hidden gem just 80 km from the capital Skopje. The beautiful nature on the river Crna, the delicious food, the finest wines and the extraordinarily friendly service and host are a perfect combination for wine tourism and for another great day. Lazar Winery has been producing wines since 2000. We are located next to the old town of Stobi on the Friendship” E75 highway corridor that connects Skopje (North Macedonia) and Thessaloniki (Greece). There is a direct exit from the highway to Lazar Winery. Inside the winery they have a hotel accommodation consisting of 7 rooms and a refined dinner restaurant with 60 seats inside and 60 seats outside. We drank a cappuccino the day before on the terrace, just enjoyed the atmosphere of this beautiful location. It is wonderfully situated between the vineyards.

On this hot summer day it was lovely to relax on the covered shady terrace. A soft breeze provided the pleasant cooling that we were welcome. On the day we had an appointment with the owner Lazar Jordanovski, we were received very hospitably. With a delicious cup of coffee on the terrace we were looking forward to the wines we would taste. Lazar winery is an example for a classic winemaker with the latest techniques. A proud winemaker who makes beautiful and high quality wines that can easily compete with the higher segment of quality wines in the market. The kick-off was festive; we were welcomed with a Frizante. Pearl, a blend of Chardonay and Temjanika. Nice full nose through the Temjanika. This surprised us. A bubble should not only have a festive look that people toast with, no, the glass should also be drunk empty because it’s just very tasty! And that’s a disappointment with most bubbles of wine, but not with Pearl, a nice glass! While a glass of Grasevina was poured to us, delicious cheeses and various finely chopped sausages came on the table. Well, that never gets boring either……… 

The Grasevina is a grape variety related to the Italian Riesling. Beautiful acidity, fresh tones and deliciously fruity, in the smell and taste tones of lemon, green apple and grapefruit. Lazar Jordanovski is an intelligent modest man, who has an eye for detail. This comes to the fore in everything. Even in the labels that remain beautiful while the bottle is damp from the condensation; he applies high quality cotton labels. As soon as we talk about the wines themselves, a different character trait comes to the fore; proud and confident. He makes wines with an extremely confident perfection.  This is reflected in his wines. Every wine we taste is of impeccable quality. So is the Chardonnay who persuades us to put Lazar in our hearts. This Chardonnay from 2016 alone is worth visiting this winery. A fantastic nose and taste of mango, grapefruit and pineapple, a light buttery taste due to the malolactic fermentation. Then we are further surprised with the red wines. The party starts with a blend. The Erigon, with by the way a beautiful label because of its simplicity, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Cherries, pepper and jam in the scent. The taste is full but soft, the tannins are pleasant, a tone of chocolate and again that pepper…….hmmmm delicious! And then the Pinot Noir, allure! Raspberry jam and ripe strawberries. Due to its warmer location than Burgundy, this Pinot Noir is a bit sultry and has the jam tones more dominant. Very tasty. And last but not least we could taste his first bottled Cabernet Sauvignon of 2020. These are imposed in new barrels in 2016 and have undergone a barrel maturation of over 4 years. A beautiful full-bodied wine that invites you to come back here soon.