Popova Kula Winery

The Popova Kula Winery and vineyards are located on the south slopes of the Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) west of the lovely town of Demir Kapija and close to the highway E-75.

Demir Kapija valley lays on the southeast part of the Tikveshiya grape growing sub-region that is a part of the Povardarie region.

The oldest archeological findings proving that people in this area have grown vineyards and have made wine date 13 century b.c.

It is a location with excellent climate and perfect soil for grape growing.

King Aleksander Karadjordjevic had a kingdom that stretched across present day Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, including the Adriatic coast and Panonian Valley. He had vast possibilities to choose from for the location of his vineyard. However, following the advice of trusted consultants King Aleksander chose wisely and planted his first vines in the micro region of Demir Kapija on exactly the same location where we have our vineyards today.
The first time we came to the location we knew it is the perfect location for our vineyards and winery.

To remain faithful to the people and historical fabric of the region, the winery was named after an important tower, the Popova Kula (Priest’s Tower) which once served as an important checkpoint on the old Roman road that passes next to our location.

The Popova Kula served as important markers of the region but has since been destroyed. In tribute we have erected a new 17m high tower and named the winery Popova Kula.

Our experience

Popova Kula – Demir Kapija, Northern Macedonia
Popova Kula is a very modern winery, restaurant and a hotel all in one.
Located in Demir Kapija in the heart of the Tikvesh region, which is ‘THE’ region for production of high-quality wines in Northern Macedonia it offers the original experience to visit a winery surrounded by vineyards.
Traditions are also honoured: viticulture on steep slopes, wooden barrels, historic grape varieties and original Macedonian dishes served in the restaurant. In their vineyards, they are the only ones in the world to produce Stanushina, the only indigenous Macedonian grape variety. Authentic grapes such as Vranec, Prokupec and Temjanika are also planted.
Popova Kula’s winery and vineyards are located on the southern slopes of the Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) west of the pretty town of Demir Kapija and close to the E-75 highway.
Demir Kapija Valley is located in the southeastern part of the famous Tikvesh subregion which is part of the Povardarie region. Here, you will find one of the oldest archaeological sites confirming that people in this area have cultivated vineyards and made wine since 13th century BC. It’s indeed a region with an excellent climate and a perfect soil for grape cultivation.
When we arrived at the winery via the winding road we were pleasantly surprised by the position of the impressive property. Fresh green grass surrounding the beautiful masonry façade with a pathway leading instinctively to the restaurant. Nice modern outdoor restaurant with lots of glass and a sliding roof so you don’t miss any of the beautiful surroundings. Restaurant build to complement nature and not the other way around. Consequently, there is a serene calm that makes you feel at ease while the last rays of thesun are shining through the ridge behind it. Brilliant!

Jordan, the owner, came to our table with a slightly reserved attitude. Something serious and the cat was looking out of the tree. What kind of meat do I have in the tub, he seemed to think. We told him our import plans and told him that we were looking for good wine and that we’re convinced we’re in the right place. There was already a slight twinkle in his eye that he wanted to disguise with a business look. Not yet…….. Let’s taste it first.

We started with a white Zilavka. The taste is full, fresh, with a pronounced mineral character. and pleasant bitterness on the aftertaste. A bowl of delicious cheeses and some kind of a “Prosciutto”. This dried meet was made by one of his friends. Silky soft prosciutto that melted on the tongue. The delicious salty taste of the meet in combination with the white wine had awakened the greed in all of us screaming for “I want more of this”. So withhold, because we are, of-course, very modest people who appreciate good taste and do not let themselves be enraptured. People, that was hard! Pretending to be business as usual and to be appreciative of everything while in the meantime you are bouncing with pleasure! You want to share this with great enthusiasm. The location, the hospitality, the moment……. Enjoy!

Grilled vegetables, delicious grilled veal and fresh bread all accompanied by Jordan’s increasingly enthusiastic anecdotes. His stories went from success stories about the wines to hilarious events in The Hague, to spontaneous phone conversation on the speaker with an American friend/ importer. After nine delicious wines, such as; All Classics: Stanushina Rosé, Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Zilavka, Muscat Ottonel and the Demir Kapija Kalesh and Demir Kapija Altan, and a few hours later we came to the apotheosis of the evening at his showpiece; Vranec Victory.
The story alone behind this wine is more than worth the wine journey; at the tipping point of the survival of Popova kula winery, this wine has literally and figuratively provided the Victory of his company. That story is only intended for Jordan to tell. Writing it down here would detract from the strength and experience Jordan can bring. When you are here, ask for the story behind the Vranec Victory and the inspiration and joy for Popova Kula will shine into his eyes. Another winemaker who loves to produce wine.